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Quick Overview





  • Crafted with the highest standards
  • NASP uses it as their official bow
  • Suitable for any age or experience level
  • Available in a kit


  • No sights
  • Mounting location not adjustable
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The online world has many choices when it comes to everything. That includes the archery world.

Too many bows to choose from can give you a little bit of a headache. It can be difficult to sift through all the specs and features of the bows out there.

This review of the Genesis Original Bow can help you wade through all that. We will provide insight into this bow.

Now, let’s dive into what makes this compound bow so amazing.


Genesis Original Bow

The Genesis company has created compound bows that have reduced lett-off and come with an adjustable draw length. They create versatile bows that are used by many different archers.

The Original which was released to the market in 2002. It has captured their mission statement so much so that it has been chosen as the official bow of the National Archery School Program. It is the choice of many outside this prestigious organization as well.

The Genesis Original is a single cam designed compound bow that offers its archers a smooth shooting bow.

Who is this product for?

The draw length’s ability to be adjusted means that the bow can grow with your child. It can be modified straight from the box to fit an adult as well. A great bow for any age but also any experience level. The Genesis Original has been endorsed by the NASP and has been for quite a some time. This bow is a user-friendly piece of archery equipment.

What’s included?

The Genesis Original Bow is sold both individually or in a kit. When purchased on its own there are no inclusions. However, if you go for the kit option which only adds a few extra bucks to the price tag you get a whole slew of neat additions. The kit includes:

  • The Genesis Original
  • Quiver, belt tube style
  • Armguard (adjustable)
  • x5 arrows (aluminum)
  • Allen wrench
  • Manual

The best most cost-effective route to take when considering this bow as an option is to spend the few extra dollars and upgrade to a kit. In the long run, it will save you money and make you even more ready to step onto that archery range.

Overview of features

The Genesis Original bow brings a lot of great features to any archer’s game. The bow is built to be adjusted. As the user grows, the bow can grow with them. It also comes with all these great features and specs:

  • Designed to have zero let-off
  • Unique single cam layout
  • Modifiable draw weight (10-20 lbs.)
  • Draw weight easily adjustable with the provided Allen wrench
  • Wide range of draw lengths (15”-30”)
  • Design means decreased recoil, increased accuracy, and reduced noise
  • Crafted using lightweight aluminum and durable composite materials
  • Upgrade ready with a drilled riser
  • Molded grip ready for competition
  • Able to be used ambidextrously

The team at Genesis has crafted a bow that meets every need you have. Every archer should definitely consider the Genesis Original bow when they are considering purchasing a new bow.


Now that you know all the great features of the Genesis Original bow, check out this video that will show you how to use the bow itself:


  • Crafted with the highest standards
  • NASP uses it as their official bow
  • Suitable for any age or experience level
  • Available in a kit


  • No sights
  • Mounting location not adjustable


Bear Cruzer Lite RTH

If the lack of sight is a deal breaker for you then a great alternative is the Bear Cruzer Lite RTH. With many of the same features, it comes with a sight and a heftier price point.

The durability and adjustable draw length of the Bear Cruzer Lite RTH coupled with the addition of sights makes this a great alternative.


The Genesis Original bow is a great starter bow and has reached its level of prestige for a reason. It is by far the best compound bow out there in its price range. It can grow with its user.

In a nutshell, the Genesis Original bow is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for a durable and accurate bow.


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