Easton Accessory Pro Shop Kit Review

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Whether you are a complete novice to archery and crossbow hunting or you are already a seasoned professional, there’s a vast array of equipment and accessories out there to choose from. Getting started though, all you need are the basics.

From your bow to your arrows, your bracer to your quiver, there’s quite a shopping list to consider! Besides the kit itself, you also need special tools for on-the-spot essential bow maintenance and repairs.

It might make more sense to invest in an accessory kit which includes all the gear you will need. Having easy, on-demand access to a full set of essential archery accessories will certainly free up time in the field and minimize frustration. The key is to keep it light and practical rather than loading up with unnecessary gear.

We’re going to be reviewing an excellent product choice today from Easton. It’s their 8 piece Archery Essentials Pro Shop Tool Kit. When it comes to making essential repairs and adjustments, with this set from Easton, you will have everything at your fingertips.

Easton Accessory Pro Shop Kit

Easton Archery is focused on manufacturing high-quality and innovative sporting goods. As a company, they’re  acknowledged with having revolutionized the sport of archery. They introduced straight and consistent aluminum arrows.

These arrows were the first of their kind when introduced back in the 1940s. Since then, they’ve continued to be at the forefront of global innovation in the field of archery.

When you purchase a product from Easton, you can be assured that you are making an investment in premium quality. They create well thought out products. The Easton Accessory Pro Shop Kit is no exception.

Who Is This Product For?

The Easton Accessory Pro Shop Kit has been curated for the bowhunter and crossbowman. It’s also suitable for novices who are looking to get started with their first essential maintenance kit.

In fact, anyone who has their own archery equipment will benefit from having the Easton Accessory Pro Shop Kit. It’s designed to keep all your gear in tip-top condition and will help minimize wear and tear as well as perform any routine or essential maintenance.

What’s Included?

Featuring 8 essential accessories that are supplied in a zippered black case.

The full list of products included is:

  • Extra Large Folding Allen Wrench Set
  • Nock Installation & Removal Tool
  • Wedge Arrow Puller
  • Zippered Case Cube
  • Bowstring Wax
  • Serving Thread
  • D-Loop Rope
  • Broadhead Wrench

Overview of Features

The Eastman Accessory Pro Shop Kit does represent excellent overall value for the money.

The Easton Accessory Pro Shop Kit, you have access to a wrench, pliers, a wedge arrow puller, and other tools. These tools should be all you would require for on-the-spot maintenance and adjustments. All of which is encased in a secure and organized case. This makes it perfect for travel and ensures that nothing gets lost.

The case itself is fleece lined so that it protects some of the more delicate items when in transit. It also comes with a peel off hook and loop panel so that it can easily be attached to your bow case.


  • Full comprehensive kit
  • Protective and quality cube case
  • Easy access to tools
  • Convenient to travel along with
  • Easy to store and pack
  • Tool kit for pros and novices


  • The case isn’t waterproof


The Easton Accessory Pro Shop Kit should meet and indeed exceed all of your expectations. There’s very little that hasn’t been included. This will ensure that you can always carry out essential on-the-spot repairs and adjustments.

Though the price point might seem high to an inexperienced archer. Remember that what you are receiving is a comprehensive kit. This professional style maintenance set will serve you well for many years to come.

Consider instead the lifetime value of having such a detailed kit at your disposal. If you were to buy and build up all the individual elements of this East Accessory Pro Shop Kit over time, you’d end up spending more money.

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