Bear Archery Royale Review

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When an archer steps onto the field it takes a mixture of speed and precision to bring home the trophy. If you are looking to bring home the trophy the Bear Archery Royale should be high on the list.

The flagship bow is one of the industry’s most highly praised compound bows. Let’s take a look at why this bow has garnered the reputation it has and if it is the right choice for you. Let’s breakdown all the details of this bow.

Bear Archery Royale

The Bear Archery Royale which made its debut in 2016 is one of the company’s flagship bows.

The compound bow has style and functionality that every experienced archer would be happy to have. It has become the weapon of choice for hunting and can provide an enjoying day on the range. The speed and accuracy of the Bear Royale makes it worthy of a second glance.

Who is this product for?

The Royale is a seminal piece of archery equipment. The bow is great for anyone, man or woman, that is looking for a high-quality precision bow with a reasonable market value. 

The bow offers multiple models. The models have different weight ratings making it easy for men or women to carry and shoot. This bow will allow archers to elevate their skills and push themselves to the limit.

What’s included?

The bare bones are what you get when you purchase the Bear Archery Royale. Though the bare bones are quite enough for the experienced hunter. The one thing that the bow does come with is great customer service support as well as a 1-year limited warranty.

The Bear Archery Royale is a fantastic bow and comes with many features. Let’s take a look at them now.

Overview of features

The versatility of this bow comes from all the amazing features and benefits. The Royale is a finely crafted compound bow. It offers enhanced performance because of these advantages. Some of these include:

  • Arrow velocity up to 290 FPS
  • Risers are equipped with rubber dampeners to reduced noise and vibration when firing
  • Expanded draw length (12”– 27”)
  • Lateral torque decreased by the Bear Hinge Guard
  • Hybrid Cam system to make drawing your bow easier and speed retention more effective.
  • High quality, lightweight aluminum crafted risers, and cams
  • Offset string suppressors that are adjustable
  • Integrated design on the grip
  • A good percentage of let-off
  • Quad limbs preloaded to max efficiency
  • Stabilized bushing manufactured with stainless steel

The sum of all its parts, this compound bow shines bright in the field of compound bows. The bow is better suited for an experienced archer. Some adventurous intermediates and even beginners may want to jump head first into the water with the Royale. If that’s the case, they may want o to know just how to use this bow.

How to use

So now you know what you get when you purchase the Bear Archery Royale. Now let’s look at some tips on how to shoot the bow.

The Royale clearly has tons of benefits and features finely crafted by the team at Bear Archery, but let’s boil that down to a couple of pros and cons.


  • Rapid fire capable
  • Constructed to be durable
  • Enhanced shock-free operation


  • Limited brace height
  • Only 32” axle to axle
  • Price


One of the most irksome of the cons for this bow is the reduced brace height. So, if  you are looking for an alternative.

BowTech Carbon Knight

Now if the brace height is something that is a game changer for you then a fine alternative to the Bear Archery Royale is the BowTech Carbon Knight.

This Knight fixes the con of the limited brace height of 6” and raises it to a 7” brace height. The price is comparable, and the functionality is as well. 


Overall the Bear Archery Royale exceeds every expectation.

Though the price point may seem high to the inexperienced archer. Those in the know acknowledge that the price tag is reasonable for what you are getting. 

This flagship compound bow offers the archer high-performance specs and functionality.

When you ask a seasoned archer about the Royale, they have nothing but praise. Bear Archery has hit the bullseye when it comes to crafting an all-around high-performance bow. 

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