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Quick Overview





  • Easy assembly
  • Durable construction
  • Price


  • Suction arrows don’t work
  • Too much force
  • Limited draw length
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Spending time with the kids is getting harder as the world of technology takes over yours and their everyday life. So, parents worldwide are struggling to find a way to carve out a little time with their children.

Archery could be the way to do that. Maybe you enjoy stepping onto the range and shooting some arrows, why not introduce the young ones to the sport you love and get that quality time in.

If that sounds amazing, then you should definitely be looking at the SinoArt 35” Junior Compound Bow.


SinoArt 35” Junior Compound Bow

The SinoArt 35” junior compound bow comes to from the team at SinoArt, a company that serves the entire family.

This compound bow which is just a minimalist version of what SinoArt usually makes. The recurve bow, is a durable and efficient way for your youth to begin their archery adventure.

SinoArt strives to bring quality and long-lasting products and that is what they have done with this introductory piece.

Who is this product for?

How young is too young to knock that arrow back?

Parents can answer the question, with some children starting at 3 or 4. This bow is a youth bow meant to be used as an intro to the world of archery. Suggested age for safe use of this compound bow is 5 years and older.

As the child gets more accustomed to the process of shooting the arrow and grows you may want to look at going with a new model somewhere around the age of 8. The age is important but so is what you get for the money shelled out, so what comes with the bow?

What’s included?

The SinoArt 35” compound bow may be a budget-friendly piece of archery equipment. You will get more bang for your buck. Which means you want to look at the inclusions in the box as well. With the SinoArt 35” you get:

  • The bow
  • A bowstring finger saver
  • x4 arrows made of fiberglass (x2 sucker/ x2 target)
  • x4 foam points

With all these cool add-ons the price tag makes this a great and inexpensive way to introduce the kids to the world of archery. But the team at SinoArt doesn’t stop there by giving you quality for your hard-earned money. Let’s look at the features and benefits that they offer you as well.

Overview of features

You may have felt you got your money’s worth with all the extras that come with this bow, but that it doesn’t stop there. The SinoArt 35” Junior Compound Bow offers a fashionable and efficient beginner bow with all of this as well:

  • Riser design that accommodates both right- and left-handed users
  • Cool color choices
  • Draw length of 23”
  • Draw weight of 7-12 lbs. (Note: parental assistance is needed to install this)
  • Built for easy carry (kids 5+)
  • Constructed with high-quality, sturdy fiberglass

Built to be rough and tough this compound bow is meant to survive the trials and tribulations of youth. While still being an efficient and accurate weapon too.


Sometimes the best way to get kids to pay attention is to have them see that other kids their age is into the same thing. Since they may be wondering how to shoot this bow, check out this young man showing them how to do just that:


  • Easy assembly
  • Durable construction
  • Price


  • Suction arrows don’t work
  • Too much force
  • Limited draw length

For the price of entry into the new sport of archery for your child, the few cons are not worth discounting the SinoArt 35” junior compound bow. In fact, to test the waters, this is a great option but, if the cons like the limited draw length are a deal breaker check out this alternative option.


FlyArchery 35” Longbow

With a limited draw length, you may want to look at an alternative. With a draw length that ranges from 22”-24” the FlyArchery 35” longbow may be a good option to consider.​

It offers many of the features of the SinoArt bow but will give your child a little longer of a draw length. This means that it can grow more with your child than the SinoArt compound bow.


All in all, the SinoArt 35” junior compound bow is a great way to bring your kids into the fold.

The idea of spending that time with them doing something you love should relieve some of the stress that all parents feel in this hectic world.

All of that would be enough and the bow offers a durable and accurate bow. It looks like SinoArt has hit a bullseye!


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