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Being new to any sport can be daunting and as you enter the new world of archery, that experience will be no different.

In fact, with as many options you have you could very well get so frustrated that you just give up and throw your hands in the air. 

Don’t do that – instead, look at this guide and the information laid out for you and breathe easy.

In this review and comparison, we will lay out for you the best beginner compound bow options.

Hopefully, by the time you get to the end, you will be less stressed and armed with enough information to make the right choice for yourself.

Comparison Chart

Genesis Kit – RH Red

Bear Archery Escape RH 70lb RTXtra A6ES20007R

SinoArt 35″ Junior Compound Bow and Arrow Archery Set with 4 Arrows

Monkey Business Foam Strike Compound Bow

Bear Archery Cruzer Lite RTH Compound Bow

Best Beginner Compound Bow Reviews

Genesis Original

A list of the best beginner bows would be remiss without including the official bow of the National Archery School Program, the Genesis Original. This fusion of a compound and recurve bow made its introduction into the world of archery in 2002 and has been a favorite ever since. Backed by the dedicated Genesis team who strive to create bows that offer anyone at any level a well-rounded experience, this bow certainly should be on your radar.


With its the use of the best of both worlds, the Genesis world combines the single cam design with the ability to accommodate multiple draw lengths (15”-30”) to cement its prestigious reputation for years. The Genesis Original is the cream of the crop in its price range and with the additional ability to grow with the user or being able to be the family bow that extends its value. This bow is the ideal option for anyone looking for durability and a precision weapon.

The key factor of this bow’s place on that pedestal is the fact that you get a weapon that has a long life and offers all kinds of amazing features that enhance the capabilities and accuracy of the archer. In fact, here are some of those features:

  • Zero let-off
  • Draw weight that is adjustable (10 -20 lbs.)
  • Design means decreased recoil, increased accuracy, and reduced noise
  • Lightweight aluminum and durable composite materials construction
  • A drilled riser for upgrades
  • Models built for both right- and left-hand users

Your need will be met and then some with the Genesis Original bow which is why when looking to get into the sport this piece should be forefront in your mind.


  • check
    High-standard of craftsmanship
  • check
    The official bow of NASP
  • check
    Any age/experience compatible
  • check
    Kits available


  • Sights not included
  • Non-adjustable mounting location

Bear Archery Escape

Making its big debut this speed bow, the Bear Archery Escape, quickly became one of the company’s flagship bows. The compound bow offers a stylish yet functional piece of equipment that no matter what level of experience the archer is they will enjoy taking it out for a spin on the range or in the field.


Every expectation is met and exceeded with the Bear Archery Escape. The bow is meant to be a speed bow, and, in that category, it shines brighter than most of its competition. High performance is this bow’s key highlight. Like with all of Bear’s bows the Escape brings with it all the tools that even the most seasoned archer could want. Why not start out with the best of the best?

The versatility of this bow comes from all the amazing features and benefits. The Escape is a finely crafted compound bow that offers enhanced performance through all those advantages. Some of these include:

  • 350 FPS arrow velocity
  • Noise reduction
  • Draw length (25.5”-30”)
  • Bear Hinge Guard reduces lateral torque
  • Hybrid Cam system to make drawing your bow easier and speed retention more effective.
  • Risers, and cams crafted with high quality, lightweight aluminum

With all the choices out there on the market, this is one of the best compound bows for beginners out there. The bow is built to be used by any level of experience but is still accessible to those that have never touched a bow in their life.


  • check
    Speed bow
  • check
    Durable construction
  • check
    Shock-free enhanced operation


  • Brace height of only 6”
  • Price

SinoArt 35” Junior Compound Bow

The team at SinoArt does more than making compound bows for kids, but when they set their mind to do that, they do it well. The SinoArt 35” Junior compound bow takes what SinoArt usual produces strips it down and makes it a durable and fun way to indoctrinate the new user into the sport of archery with ease.


Finding a sport that the whole family can enjoy is hard, but archery is a fast-growing option. With the popularity of characters like Hawkeye and Katniss, the kids are way more susceptible to the idea. With the SinoArt 35” ow you can get your younger kids out there on the range as well. That alone would be enough for most parents to rush out and make this the beginner bow for their kid, but SinoArt has upped their game, offering the parents of the archery community a durable and easy to use bow to begin their kid's journey into archery.

The SinoArt 35” Junior compound bow is a fashionable and efficient beginner bow with all of this as well:

  • Accommodates both right- and left-handed archers
  • Cool color choice
  • Draw length of 23”
  • Draw weight of 7 -12 lbs. (Note: parental assistance is needed to install this.)
  • Built for easy carry (kids 5+)
  • High-quality, sturdy fiberglass construction


  • check
    Simple assembly
  • check
    Rough and tough construction
  • check


  • Arrows (suction) do not stick
  • Arrow velocity

Monkey Business Foam Strike Compound Bow

Monkey Business sports brings to the families of the world fun and safe toys that are good for indoor and outdoor play. This compound bow is just one of many fun, nerf-like toys available through this family-friendly company.


This bow falls into more of the toy category rather than an actual bow but is a great way to introduce the core principles of archery in preparation for moving them onto a more realistic bow. The Foam Strike is intended for use for kids 6+ and is a fun way to play bot in the house and in the yard. So, if you are looking for the most basic way to get your kid into archery this is a great choice.

The Monkey Business Foam Strike Compound bow has some cool extras and features. Like:

  • Arrow range +100’
  • Set includes bow, x3 foam arrows, and an arrow holder
  • Dual cords linked for easy shooting


  • check
    Good range
  • check
    Easy operation
  • check
    Good accuracy


  • Arrows break easily
  • Elastics break

Bear Archery Cruzer Lite Compound Bow

Bear Archery makes its second appearance in the list for the best beginner compound bow for a reason. This company focuses on making high-quality and functioning bows that will last so long that they are not afraid to include a lifetime warranty knowing that it is less than likely you will need it.


The Cruzer Lite is just another example of Bear crafting an easy-to-use, adjustable bow that can be used both as a hunting bow as well as on the range. The big thing about this model is the wide range of adjustability meaning that the bow grows with your kid or is versatile enough to be used by any adult looking to jump into archery. This bow is good for kids and adults alike and that is why this bow is one of the best compound bows of 2019.

The Bear Cruzer Lite Compound bow comes in many versions, but the stock model has enough benefits to make this a great way to get into the sport. These include:

  • 290 FPS arrow shooting velocity
  • Variety of draw weights (5- 45 lbs.)
  • Variety of color selection
  • Brace height of 6”
  • Wide range of draw length (12”-27”)
  • Includes: sight, rest, and quiver


  • check
    Lifetime warranty
  • check
    User-friendly design
  • check
    Easily adjusted draw length


  • No solid back wall
  • Short brace height


All the bows discussed in this guide are top of the line in both durability and functionality. So, there is no way that you could go wrong with any of these choices.

That being said, the Genesis Original is the go-to bow for a reason and though it may be a little pricey for your everyday life it is still one of the most budget-friendly bows that come stocked with all the features to make your entry into the sport of archery as successful as possible.

However, any of the other four choices on this list could be just as successful for you. The decision ultimately boils down to your needs and hopefully, this detailed review of these five bows will help you make the right one for you.

So all that’s left to say is happy hunting!

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